deep inner health

Deep Inner Health can help you to achieve balanced health and wellbeing via a Functional Medicine Approach.

deep inner health

Do you suffer from a chronic disease or condition?
Are you feeling unwell but not sure why?
Have you seen different health professionals, had tests and imaging, then been told – There’s nothing wrong with you! There’s nothing we can do! There is no treatment for your condition!

We can help you to achieve balanced health and wellbeing via a Functional Medicine Approach. We offer Functional Medicine-based health assessment and treatment, wellness and life coaching.

Finding the root cause of your individual health issue using a combination of Functional Medicine, Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine and their philosophies helping us to develop a patient-focused and individual program to improve physical health through balancing the connection of body, mind and spirit.

Functional Medicine Principals

  • We treat the patient evidence based, not the disease.
  • Target the root-cause, not the symptoms.
  • Understand that our bodies are self-healing when supported holistically.
  • Engage the connection of Body-Mind-Spirit.

Why Choose Us To Help?

  • We deliver experienced, compassionate and empathetic treatment.
  • Develop a practical and affordable treatment plan with you, not for you.
  • Empower you to activate your self-healing capacity through education and practical tools.
  • Help offered online in the comfort of your home with flexible consultation times.

Who is your Health Professional?

My name is Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor, a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (FAFRM), which is part of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

My own health journey started as being diagnosed with a neurological autoimmune disease, requiring four-weekly infusions for ten years; together with the prognosis that one day the therapy most likely will not work resulting in disabling paralyses and pain.

I was interested and keen to learn more about an involving new specialty of FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE and its promising results and research evidence being able to successfully diagnose and treat different conditions and chronic health issues in a holistic way.


Book a Consultation

We start with a free 10 minute, no-obligation consultation or e-mail exchange to establish your expectations and my ability to help and meet your expectations.

Should you decide to proceed to the next step I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire which you complete over a two-week period, which includes a seven-day diet diary.

Client Testimonial

Seeking a Functional Medicine consultation with Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor was one of the best health decisions I made. I have suffered from a chronic skin condition known as Psoriasis from when I was a child into adulthood. The last 5 years I have suffered a severe relapse of the condition. No conventional medicine doctor could help me as all the creams and ointments did not help ease the itch, skin inflammation and sleepless nights. Through the use of functional medicine, I was able to identify the different food allergens I was intolerant to and use natural supplementation and diet to relieve the inflammation in my gut and skin. I still suffer from the condition but it has been relieved to the point where I can sleep well at night and there is only very mild inflammation of the skin. I would certainly recommend this form of medicine to anyone with conditions that have not been successfully managed by conventional medicine.

Patricia T