From 2007 and 2016 I struggled with my eyes constantly watering. I was mopping my face; my eyes were puffed and red all the time.  This not only affected my confidence but by 2015/16 It was affecting my immune system resulting in coughs and colds that were difficult to clear up.

During this time, I saw eye specialists and Drs (many Doctors). But no one could help me find the cause.

Finally, a visit to a Naturopath, (highly recommended) in Brisbane, recognised my problem as a Salicylate Intolerance.  I went on  a no/low Salicylate diet which resulted immediately into the reaction changing from runny swollen eyes to headaches and migraines.  Even low salicylates now gave me intense migraine pain, my diet became very restrictive.

In Dec 2021 a friend suggested I contact Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor.

From my very first consultation Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor was confident that we could find the root cause of this salicylate intolerance and get my health back on track through Functional Medicine.

Dr Gerich-McGregor has done that!

Under the guidance of Dr Gerich -McGregor I had an IgG Food Intolerance blood test and a DAO test.

I then did an 8 weeks elimination diet while taking natural supplements to support the healing and diet.

As a result of the elimination diet, I have had to remove dairy from my diet (not a problem as there is lots of alternatives) and have slowly reintroduced salicylates.  No migraines or headaches resulting!

I am feeling so much better!

Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor’s Functional Medicine approach has just turned my life around!

Thank you so much.

Denise Bentley

Seeking a Functional Medicine consultation with Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor was one of the best health decisions I made. I have suffered from a chronic skin condition known as Psoriasis from when I was a child into adulthood.

The last 5 years I have suffered a severe relapse of the condition. No conventional medicine doctor could help me as all the creams and ointments did not help ease the itch, skin inflammation and sleepless nights.

Through the use of functional medicine, I was able to identify the different food allergens I was intolerant to and use natural supplementation and diet to relieve the inflammation in my gut and skin.

I still suffer from the condition but it has been relieved to the point where I can sleep well at night and there is only very mild inflammation of the skin.

I would certainly recommend this form of medicine to anyone with conditions that have not been successfully managed by conventional medicine.

Patricia T

When I came to see Dr Ulla, I was underweight, suffering from gut issues, insomnia, low energy, poor mental health, inflammation, and a range of indiscernible autoimmune issues. I was fatigued physically, financially and of hope for solutions. Dr Ulla was incredibly thorough, intelligent and holistic with her assessments, conclusions and prescribed health plan.

Within one month I had gained healthy weight, was sleeping deeply, had vastly increased energy and felt happier and more joyous, and from this base of greater resilience went from strength to strength. Thank you so much Dr Ulla, I felt seen and listened to by you.

Your approach is steeped in science and yet holistic and connected. I stopped seeing a myriad of other health professionals as you integrated my many needs into your practice. I’m so grateful for how you’ve changed my daily experience.

Thank you again!

Carly Sare - Gadigal Country

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